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MABUHAY ENTERTAINMENT, INC. (ME) is a Southern California based independent motion picture and video production company founded in 2003. Mabuhay Entertainment's vision is to produce high quality motion picture films that will entertain, inspire, and leave a positive mark in the world forever. Whether it is comedy, drama, romance, thriller or other genres, every Mabuhay Entertainment film is designed to invoke colorful emotions and leave the audience purely entertained. ME is committed to creating independent films and videos that attract a wide commercial audience to maximize profits and uphold high artistic standards to secure market share in the motion picture arena.

Mabuhay Entertainment, Inc. means business! Mabuhay, is a Filipino word that means, long-live. It is no wonder why the company has an impressive slate of film and video projects in various stages of development and pre-production. Currently, ME is co-partnering with other film and video production companies as well as collaborating with talented artists and screenwriters.



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